Explorations in Topology: Map Coloring, Surfaces and Knots by David Gay

By David Gay

This e-book supplies scholars a wealthy event with low-dimensional topology, complements their geometrical and topological instinct, empowers them with new methods to fixing difficulties, and gives them with reviews that will support them make experience of a destiny, extra formal topology direction. The cutting edge story-line kind of the textual content types the problems-solving approach, offers the improvement of recommendations in a typical approach, and during its informality seduces the reader into engagement with the fabric. The end-of-chapter Investigations provide the reader possibilities to paintings on numerous open-ended, non-routine difficulties, and, via a changed "Moore method", to make conjectures from which theorems emerge. the scholars themselves emerge from those stories possessing techniques and effects.

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So it might be worth considering maps on a rectangle with a rectangular lake in the middle, a sort of island with lake. Joe figures that a simple case of this type to investigate would be a map on this island with lake created by drawing lines from one side of the island to another (but not allowing a line to pass through the lake) or drawing lines from one side of the island to the lake. Like this. He outlines the investigation: ● Draw a few maps like this. Color them properly and minimally. ) ● Observe how many colors I need, and look for patterns.

Make sure the curve intersects itself only in isolated points. Replace the simple closed curves of Investigation 6 with closed curves. What would happen? How many colors will you need? Carry out this investigation. 10. Question Suppose you have a map in a rectangle that can be colored properly in three colors. What else can you say about this map? 11. Puzzle Joe drew the following maps for Boss. Each one is a distortion of some wellknown map. What is the well-known map in each case? Investigations, Questions, Puzzles, and More 21 (The map on the left comes from the book by Farmer and Stanford, p.

You’re right! This is neat! MILLIE: Slicker’n a soapy rhombicosadodecahedron in a bubble bath. JOE: What? Wait’ll Boss sees this. Only the dots and bridges are left. 31 32 Chapter 2 Acme Adds Tours MILLIE: Ssshhh! We’re not ready for him yet. OK, look at what we’ve got. Dot A is odd. JOE: Odd? MILLIE: Yep. There are exactly three lines attached to dot A, and three is an odd number. JOE: So? MILLIE: That’s the key. Suppose you’ve designed a tour that crosses each bridge exactly once and returns to the starting point.

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