Cultural Creativity in the Early English Renaissance: by Elisabeth Salter (auth.)

By Elisabeth Salter (auth.)

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Four Scotchens at the iiii Corners of the saide stone with tharmes of myne occupacion and thearmes of London and all to be guilded in fyne golde . ’ Aunsell leaves various bequests to the fraternity of his occupation, and also makes various requests of this fraternity for after his death. One of his main gifts to the fraternity is a ‘nutte potte garnished with sylver and all gilt with the picture of saint John the Baptist stonding on the lydde’. The general tenor of the requests is that the master and wardens of the guild make provision to pray for his soul, in various ways including putting his name in the bede roll of the fraternity.

And the master to have for his Labour xxd the iiii wardeyns iiiis the clerke viiid the Bedyll vid Also I wyll they sett me in their bedrolle to pray for me as they doo for other every quarter day And when deprofundis is doon that the maister or one of the Wardens delver to the same ii preestes iid the sum of the iiii quarters viiid to the saide ii preestes a yere Also vd to the maister and the iiii wardens to offer at the same masse an obytt and when the dirige is doon I wyll the maister and the wardens clerke and Bedyll drynke when dirige is doon where as it shall please them vid And after the masse doon viiid in like wise Item to the wexchaundler the some of the charges is ixs xid so restith of xiiis iiiid a yere iiis vd and that I wyll remain for ever more to the Reparacions of the hall of the merchaunt tailors of London aforesaid Also for the more suretie of the same I have given unto the master and wardens of the ffraternitie of saint John the Baptiste of Asshewell in the Countie of hertforde then being master Wyllyam Sowster gent, Thomas Nicholls yoman and Wyllyam Aunsell Brother to me my place sett and Lying in the same towne Asshewell on the Corner of Chepyng the heddes and thornesyde Reconstructing Perception and Experience II: Vocabularies 23 abuttith south est and North on the Kyngs high Waye and thether syde abuttith on Reyngnarde whele wright on the west with a horse mylle to the same belonging with all thapurtenances to the same place belonging The wiche saide place I bought of John Phylipp of the same towne Carpenter with a medowe cloose at Simwell next the cloos of Sir Lewys Orell Knight on the Northe and the hedde abuttith on the kyngeshighway on theast And thother abuttith towards heyngisworth on the west and thother side abuttith on a close of Thomas Warde of London Mercer on the south side to have and to hold unto the saide Maister Wardens and to their successors of the saide ffratrernitie for the tyme being for ever more in this condicion that they shalle paye to the maister and wardens of the ffraternitie of saint John the baptiste of merchaunt taylours of London xxs yerely aslong as the world shall contynewe on saint Blases day only And that the maister and the ii wardens of saint Johns of Asshewell shall enfeoffe the said Maister and the ii wardens of the saide ffraternitie of the Merchant taylours of London in the foresaid place and landis with all thappurtenances as their councell shall advise them best for the suretie of the same And after the foresaide xxs so be received by the handes of the saide maister and wardens of the merchaunt tailors of London And they stonding in suretie of the same on saint Blases day only so received than I will the master iiii Wardens Clerke and bedyll kepe myn obytte at saint Mary Overy aforesaid after my diceas on saint Symonde and Judes day the xxvii day of October the dirige on the evyn and the masse on the morowe.

The name John is also present as a means of identifying John Aunsell as a member of a group, specifically an extended family of relatives and kin. The name of Aunsell’s father, John, has already been mentioned. But there is also a recurrence of the name John in Aunsell’s extended family. Both of Aunsell’s two brothers (Richard and William) have sons called John and these are almost certainly the eldest son in each case, as they are mentioned first in the list of bequests given to the sons of each brother.

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