Consumer Behaviour: A Practical Guide by Gordon R. Foxall

By Gordon R. Foxall

This ebook is anxious with the appliance of the behavioural sciences, significantly social psychology and sociology, to the examine of shopper behaviour. The emphasis all through is on making those sciences functional for the selling supervisor by means of concentrating on these elements of purchaser behaviour which end up valuable for managerial decision-making. The advent defines the scope of the ebook in those phrases and descriptions a version for the patron paying for procedure. The ebook conlcudes with particular versions of client selection.

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3. , p. 119) that ‘when a person wants to satisfy a need, we say that he is “motivated” ’(emphasis added). Such a definition precludes unconscious needs which are, o f course, of immense marketing significance. 4. H. Maslow, ‘A Theory o f Human Motivation’, Psychological Review , 50, 1943. 5. Some o f his critics have suggested that it means ‘becoming more and more like Maslow’. 6. The development o f social marketing may be relevant here, however. 7. M. Steadman, ‘How sexy illustrations affect brand recall’, Journal o f Advertising Research, March 1969.

Perceptions of reality differ from individual to individual and each person interprets physical and social stimuli so that they are harmoniously accommodated within his overall world-view. This is accomplished by the individual reconstructing what he perceives so that it does not conflict with his basic attitudes, personality, motives or aspirations, or perhaps by modifying these slightly to allow the overall impression to be harmonious. 4 When shown a drawing o f a black man and a white man arguing on a crowded bus, and asked to describe it later, prejudiced people tended to recall that the black person was holding an open razor.

These methods, known collectively as motivation research techniques, are concerned with a wide range of personality traits and attitudes as well as needs and drives. 20 Motivation research may also be described as an attem pt to uncover the consumer’s suppressed and repressed motives (sometimes referred to as conscious and unconscious motives respectively). In suppression, the consumer remains aware of his motives but does not care to admit their existence to others for fear o f ridicule, punishment or being ostracised.

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