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Properties of semiconductor alloys: group-IV, III-V and II-VI semiconductors

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Opens a list of possible STC shapes to be selected, the last two are editable by the Sea Display Menu. Sea Display. It is kind of oscilloscope which samples the incoming video of the Sirius. 1. How to use the SEA STATE CAPTURE MENU The first button on the left is normally set to “EBL1”. If it is set to EBL1 the video displayed in the oscilloscope is sampled only on the EBL1, else if it is set to Spread, the video is sampled in 16 sectors over the 360 degrees of the turning. The second button is used to modify an editable STC shape.

The operator just need to wait until the progress bar shows the notice “Success. Software Updated” in case of upgrading the console software, or “Success. b. 1. Software upgrade with ftp The ftp connection is possible with the ftp command or trough an internet browser. With an internet browser the address is ftp://consilium@SIRIUS_IPADDRESS and with the password: selesmar, SIRIUS_IPADDRESS is the IP address of the console. 19. 3. For the most important application binaries to upgrade se the following table.

This facility is good to see the amplitude of the video, and permits also to edit the editable STC shapes. For this last function is valid the above NOTE. 3. Sea Display and STC Shapes Editing. − Keyboard Test, by pressing the relevant button the system will switch to standby and will open a menu in which will be possible to test each key, both the encoder (EBL and VRM), all the LEDs with all the brilliances and the trackball of the keyboard. − Special Features, by pressing the relevant button the system will ask for a password.

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