Concentrated Dispersions. Theory, Experiment, and by P. Somasundaran and B. Markovic (Eds.)

By P. Somasundaran and B. Markovic (Eds.)

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3. It is observed that all C P A samples but CPAS have shear thickening behaviors at relatively high shear rate. Especially, C P A 8 has two shear thickening regions while others have one. MR110 shows typical shear thinning behavior. The shear thickening results from big aggregates in the system, which can be explained by the order to disorder transition mechanism (12). In the case of C P A 8 , the second shear thickening may be from the shear induced gelation due to its excessive amount of functional group.

P. 1 10 t •-ι 10° 1 1 10" 10" 3 2 10" 1 10' 10° 1 10 10 2 shear rate (1/s) Figure 6. Steady shear viscosity of magnetic inks in the second series. 0x10" 500 1000 1500 2000 DC Field (G) Figure 7. Transverse susceptibility of magnetic inks in the second series. ; ACS Symposium Series; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2004. ch004 50 small, the train density decreases. Then the insufficient surface coverage of particles produces big aggregates in the system, which results in the shear thickening.

Ch005 Chemical mechanical planarization Structural ceramic components for advanced engines Multilayer ceramic microelectronic packages Food emulsions & colloids Oil-water emulsions in petroleum industry Magneto-rheological fluids Physical sunscreen formulations Pigments and paints Inks and toners Phosphor coating slurries Pulp and paper products Cements Sol-gel applications time monitoring of suspension properties. Given recent developments in both theory and instrumentation, these no longer represent unreasonable expectations.

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