Computational Modelling of Concrete Structures (Vol. 2) by René de Borst, Nenad Bićanić, Herbert Mang, Günther Meschke

By René de Borst, Nenad Bićanić, Herbert Mang, Günther Meschke

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Are continuous from the right. ))k∈R is called a renting policy for a d schedule S. ), ckv ∫ ϕ k ( S , t )dt represents the total variable 0 renting cost for resource k and planning horizon d . ) on interval [0, d ] and τmin be the smallest of those jump points. ) less than t and for t ∈ Jk, let ⎧[ϕ ( S , t ) − ϕ k ( S , τ t )]+ , if t > τ min Δ+ϕ kt := ⎨ k ⎩ϕ k ( S ,τ min ), otherwise (1) be the increase in the amount or resource k rented at time t. then the total fixed renting cost for resource k equals ckf ∑t∈J Δ+ϕ kt .

6 Conclusion In this paper we proposed three hybrid variations of the Clonalg algorithm. This variations introduced the use of the Fuzzy Aging Operator, the Weak Affinity Maturation and the Intensive Affinity Maturation of the antibodies. The use of infeasible individuals on the population did not degenerate the performance besides it improved the computational time. The Fuzzy Aging Operator - in conjunction with the Weak Affinity Maturation - enhanced the stability of the standard Clonalg algorithm.

51–86, 2004. 19. R. Unger, and J. Moult, “Genetic algorithms for protein folding simulations,” Journal of Molecular Biology, v. 231, n. 1, pp. 75–81, 1993. es Abstract. We work with a project scheduling problem subject to temporal constraints where the resource availability costs have to be minimised. As an extension of the more well known Resource Investment Problem, which considers only time-independent costs, this problem includes both time-independent fixed costs and time-dependent variable renting costs for the resources.

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