Computational Intelligence and Modern Heuristics by Al-Dahoud Ali

By Al-Dahoud Ali

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This moment quantity of the sequence bargains essentially with nuclear reactions, and enhances the 1st quantity, which targeting nuclear constitution. supplying discussions of either the proper physics in addition to the numerical tools, the chapters codify the services of a few of the best researchers in computational nuclear physics.

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1999). 112-119, ISBN 0-7695-0371-3, Hong Kong, December 1999. Duque O. & Morinigo D. (2004). 3, pp. 841-844, ISBN 0-7803-8271-4, Dubrovnik, May 2004. Endrenyi J. (1978). Reliability Modeling in Electric Power Systems, J. Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1978. J. & Leite da Silva A. M. (1998). Probabilistic Evaluation of the Effect of Maintenance on Reliability - An Application. IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, vol. 13, no. 2 (May 1998), pp. 575-583. L. & Asgarpoor S. (2007). 541-546, ISBN 9-7814-2441-7254, Las Cruces, NM, USA, September/October 2007.

5 work well. Even if the initial value of X1r computed this way does not meet (6) for particular value of  then (7) can be re-applied with  increased, although it should be noted that each such correction requires solving a new M1 model and in effect this is the extra computational cost almost equal to that of the whole iteration. 3 Comparison of the methods We shall now discuss effectiveness of the above three approximation methods using a sample Markov model tuned for four different repair frequencies.

D1 Initial 10 P D2 Minor deterioration P20 I1 11 P M11 12 P P M12 P30 I2 21 M21 D3 Major deterioration 22 I3 P32 31 P P M22 F Failure M31 M33 D1 D2 D2 D1 D3 Choice possibilities (decisions) D1 D3 D2 F Outcome possibilities D2 F Waiting periods Fig. 2. Model of the ageing process for equipment undergoing inspections and maintenance activities. Decision probabilities after inspection states are placed by respective transitions. K = 3, R = 2. Mathematically, the model in Fig. 2 can be represented by a Markov process, and solved by well-known procedures.

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