Collaborative Play in Early Childhood Education (Children's by W. B. Mawson

By W. B. Mawson

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B. Mawson John and Bill then engaged in a pushing contest that carried on for some time before John tried another physical approach. He climbed on the arm of the seat and loudly said, “I’m coming in now. ” John was now sitting on the arm of the seat with his feet on it behind Bill’s back. The adversarial dialogue continued to develop. ” John, “No this is mine. ” John then appealed to Mary who had been standing by watching the tussle for her support, using her role rather than her as an individual to assert authority, “Hey Mum tell my baby.

Care was also taken to ensure that non-participant children were not captured in any video footage or digital photographs. B. Mawson of the kindergarten also from the Auckland Kindergarten Association Ethics Committee. SECTION TWO – RESEARCH FINDINGS – THEMES Chapter 4 FAMILY ROLES Socio-dramatic play can be seen as children’s attempts to categorise and make sense of their world (Corsaro, 2003). Role-play allows children to explore and to begin to understand the complex nature of relationships and to gain a sense of control over their world.

In the kindergarten the coffee shop play in the sandpit showed an awareness of a wider context. Starting from the simple task of making the Functional Roles 53 coffee, “Put that in there and that in, then you make a hole, then you make coffee” the play then moved to a discussion of the means of making coffee. ” Peter and Oscar then attempted to explain the process by which the coffee reached their coffee shop. ” Peter, “That’s how you make coffee beans, we make lots of coffee” (K4). Role-playing of teacher’s was very much a girls' activity, and although a boy might occasionally play the role of student, the teacher role was definitely seen as a girl prerogative.

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