Clinical Neuroendocrinology by Luciano Martini (Eds.)

By Luciano Martini (Eds.)

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Clinical Studies with Analogues of LH-RH D-Ala-6-desGly-10-LH-RH EA and D-Leu-6-desGly-10-LH-RH EA were both used for clinical work because of their interesting properties, DAla-6-desGly-10-LH-RH EA was first tested in normal men, and, in doses of 24 Andrew V. , 1974). , 1975). , 1975). , 1976). Extensive clinical tests with D-Leu-6-desGly-10-LH-RH EA are in progress. , 1976), in agreement with results in normal men. , 1975). This is a therapeutically useful route of administration, but the doses required are more than 1000 times larger than those active iv.

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