Clean and Safe Energy Forever by T. Horigome, K. Kimura, T. Takakura, T. Nishino and I. Fujii

By T. Horigome, K. Kimura, T. Takakura, T. Nishino and I. Fujii (Eds.)

Those court cases contain papers on all facets of solar power. The 1989 convention had a distinct emphasis on photovoltaics, reflecting eastern services in that box. As in earlier meetings, the most important type of papers involved sunlight thermal purposes. there has been additionally loads of curiosity within the very important matters raised pertaining to solar power and constructing nations. The keynote paper, on global Read more...

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L Low i nconte . Lower middle income Upper middle income Industrial market econ. East European non market. World average consumption 2 Billions 3 4 population Figure 1 Energy consumption per capita in different income type regions in 1984 plotted against total population in each income type group. Source of data. Bruntland Report We now need to consider possible future energy supply budgets. Before the carbon dioxide crisis was perceived» high energy growth world scenarios were widespread. 4 times as much natural gas» and nearly 5 times as much coal as in 1980.

I t was the combined effect of direct agency outlays» tax breaks» loans and loan guarantees and an array of federal support programmes. More than $41 billion of the total $44 billion US subsidy was provided to mature energy technologies» which long ago reached commercialization. 7 billion. Looking to the environmental side of the balance sheet» the environmental costs of conventional and nuclear energy have been largely transferred to other sectors of the economy. The true economic costs of different conventional energy supply systems have not been evaluated» and imposed on energy users.

The advances in knowledge in the biological -field have also been very impressive» but plants do not seem to have got any cheaper as energy sources. They are becoming much better appreciated as a chemical materials resource. Their workings are certainly much better understood scientifically. 75% level of energy efficiency is too low to make the impacts now needed on world energy supplies* and we must look to systems with much higher efficiencies to save both land and resources. This statement is not meant to undervalue in any way the importance of running biomass energy systems in parallel with basic food production cycles.

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