Ciba Foundation Symposium - Complement by G. E. W. (Editor) Wolstenholme

By G. E. W. (Editor) Wolstenholme

Chapter 1 Chairman's advent (pages 1–3): J. H. Humphrey
Chapter 2 Mechanism of Haemolysis through supplement (pages 4–57): Manfred M. Mayer
Chapter three Small Molecular Weight Inhibitors of supplement motion (pages 58–73): Elmer L. Becker
Chapter four Mechanisms of Activation of C?I and Inhibition of C?I Esterase (pages 74–98): Irwin H. Lepow, George B. Naff and Jack Pensky
Chapter five difficulties in deciding on the websites of Synthesis of supplement parts (pages 99–119): G. J. Thorbecke, G. M. Hochwald, R. Van Furth, H. J. Moller?Eberhard and E. B. Jacobson
Chapter 6 Mechanism of the Damage?Producing Steps of Immune Haemolysis (pages 120–132): Michael M. Frank, Herbert J. Rapp and Tibor Borsos
Chapter 7 results of supplement on Sensitized Nucleated Cells (pages 133–154): Henry J. Winn
Chapter eight Immune Bactericidal and Bacteriolytic Reactions (pages 155–174): Louis H. Muschel
Chapter nine Electron Microscope experiences of Immune cellphone Lysis (pages 175–189): J. H. Humphrey and R. R. Dourmashkin
Chapter 10 supplement and the task of Phagocytes (pages 190–221): S. V. Boyden, R. J. North and S. M. Faulkner
Chapter eleven Immune Adherence (pages 222–241): D. S. Nelson
Chapter 12 supplement, Conglutinin and Immuno?Conglutinins (pages 242–280): P. J. Lachmann and R. R. A. Coombs
Chapter thirteen Differentiation in vitro of Antigen?Induced Histamine free up from Complement?Dependent Immune harm (pages 281–304): ok. Frank Austen and Kurt J. Bloch
Chapter 14 the potential position of supplement in Autoaggressive strategies (pages 305–322): H. J. Moller?Eberhard and A. P. Dalmasso
Chapter 15 The function of supplement in Haemolytic procedures in vivo (pages 323–342): P. L. Mollison
Chapter sixteen supplement and the Paroxysmal Nocturnal Haemoglobinuria pink telephone (pages 343–373): Wendell F. Rosse and J. V. Dacie
Chapter 17 Chairman's final comments (pages 374–376): J. H. Humphrey

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Mayer: I agree with you; I don’t think we can settle here how many C’3 factors there are. It seetiis we are agreed that there is indeed a stable intermediate with definable properties (and only through defining its properties can we talk about it in a meaningful way). It will take further work to learn whether its formation from EAC’1a,4,za requires 2 or 3 or 4 factors-and let me add that there may be difficulty in determining whether a fraction picked out from a chromatographic separation is an indispensable factor, or an activator, or an anti-inhibitor; the rilere fact that activity is produced if you put the fraction into the reaction systeni does not necessarily incan that it is an essential factor.

One only needs to do this when one uses mouse complement by itself. We have studied, as Dr. Rice has done, the compatibility of the complement components. W e began by looking at the molecular size of the components of different species by passing sera through Sephadex Gzoo. With respect to C’I, in agreement with Dr. Lepow’s ultracentrifugal analysis, we found C’I activity in the 19speak. In addition we have found that C’4 activity is always somewhat ahead of the 7s peak and that C’z is somewhat behind.

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