Chinese Mythology A to Z by Jeremy Roberts

By Jeremy Roberts


In old chinese language civilization, emperors have been respected because the direct descendants of the gods, who governed all of nature and the heavens. Animal bones have been consulted as oracles to respond to the nice questions of existence and demise, and ancestral spirits have been inspiration to roam the earth, negotiating with the gods on behalf of the residing. From the legends of the 8 Immortals to the lessons of Confucius, chinese language Mythology A to Z, moment version offers a clean, insightful examine the tales and myths that open a window onto this civilization.

Coverage includes:

Buddhist deities and mythical characters
Animal tales, equivalent to the fox legends
Important destinations, resembling shrines and sacred places
Allegorical figures, comparable to the Jade Emperor, the Rain grasp, and the Lord of the Granary

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Others seem to have been based on or confused with older gods, either from India or China. Important bodhisattvas in Chinese Buddhism include Milo Fo, Guanyin (also known as Avalokite a¯ vara or Kannon), and xukongzang (Akasagarbha). Bodhidharma (Damodashi) The Chinese name for Damodashi, a historical figure important in the development of Buddhism. According to Buddhist tradition and legend, the monk Bodhidharma introduced meditation to China in the sixth century; today he is mainly revered by the Chan, or Zen, sects of Buddhism, which use meditation as an important technique in seeking enlightenment.

Kaishu is said to have one drawback: It cannot be written very quickly. Hsing-shu, or “Running Script,” overcomes that limitation by combining some cursive style with the Standard Characters so that the writing can flow more quickly. It is said to be a more personal style, expressive of creativity and emotions, and it is therefore popular for personal letters and manuscripts. Less formal script is often written in a style called Sutizi (or “Unorthodox Characters”). In mainland China, a somewhat different grouping called “Modern Simplified Characters,” or Jiantizi, is used.

Buddhists developed a legend to explain the selection and order of animals in the calendar. It is said that during his days on Earth, the historical Buddha selflessly preached to all creatures, animals as well as humankind. When he died and his body was to be cremated, all of the animals that had heard his holy words ran to do him honor. The system of years commemorated their arrival. Ts’ung) A Chinese god of wealth, identified with many legendary and historic people dating from prehistory to the 14th century.

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