Charging Ahead: An Introduction to Electromagnetism (# by Larry E. Schafer

By Larry E. Schafer

Energize your subsequent unit on electrical energy with hands-on actions to provide an explanation for the interesting phenomenon of electromagnetism. scholars are brought to the criteria that be sure the power of electric coils, and so they use available fabrics to construct an easy motor and a generator. subject matters coated comprise circuit breakers, mag-lev trains, and superconducting turbines.

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The primary factors that influence the strength of an electro2. How can we increase the strength of magnet are the number of coils an electromagnet? and the rate of electrical flow As the number of coils or wind(current). ings increases, the strength of the electromagnet increases. (The 3d. Describe the relationship between each factor listed above and the number of paper clips picked up strength of the electromagnet. ) stronger electromagnet. Also, an iron core (such as a nail) inside a 3a. Describe how the bulb in the circuit coil greatly increases the strength with the electromagnet influenced of magnetism.

The commutator is insulated so electricity is not conducted from coil to coil. 8, notice that coil A is receiving electricity from the brushes through the commutator. Coil B is not in contact with the brushes and is not receiving electricity. With current flowing through coil A, a magnetic field is created around coil A. This magnetic field interacts with the magnetic field of the permanent magnets and rotates all the coils and the commutator. As the coils and commutator rotate, the brushes lose contact (through the commutator) with coil A and make contact with coil B.

This should help them be making good contact with the better understand the challenges and pennies (disassemble, sand, and questions. replace) It is unlikely that all students will ■ the rotor magnets may not all reconstruct a motor that works perpel the flopper magnet (flip over fectly. Therefore, you will have to be one or more magnets) prepared to encourage persistence in troubleshooting and problem solv- ■ the electromagnet may be moving ing. Some potential problems (and when it interacts with the rotor solutions) follow: magnets (securely tape down the electromagnet and the support ■ dry cells may be weak (add more cup of the electromagnet) cells in series) Remind students not to leave ■ the batteries may not be connected their motors on for very long.

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