Catalogue of Palaearctic Coleoptera, Vol. 5: Tenebrionoidea by I. Lobl, A. Smetana

By I. Lobl, A. Smetana

This can be the 5th quantity of a finished sequence which covers approximately 100,000 species of Coleoptera recognized to take place within the Palaearctic quarter. the knowledge supplied for every species is as follows: basic taxonomic info of all to be had names within the genus and species degrees released through the top of 1999; the taxonomic info lower than subfamily, geared up alphabetically; and the sort species of genera and subgenera, together with synonyms. Distributional information of species and subspecies is given in step with nation. unique distributional details for strict endemics is equipped, and brought species are indicated. The sequence is a collective paintings of approximately 100 coleopterists from Europe, Japan, the USA, and Australia.

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Ishikawa, 2000: 183 type species Phloeotrinus tenuipes Toyoshima & Y. Ishikawa, 2000 tenuipes Toyoshima & Y. Ishikawa, 2000: 184 {Phloeotrinus) A: JA genus Perakianus Pic, 1914k: 61 type species Perakianus atriceps Pic, 1914 bicolor Blair, 1931a: 201 A: SD hisamatsui Nakane, 1963b: 223 A: JA genus Phloeotrinus Nikitsky, 1989a: 45 type species Serropalpus filiformis Marseul, 1876 subgenus Phloeotrinops Nikitsky, 1989a: 46 type species Dircaea femoralis Lewis, 1895 jemoralis Lewis, 1895a: 268 {Dircaea) A: JA subgenus Phloeotrinus Nikitsky, 1989a: 45 type species Serropalpus filiformis Marseul, 1876 filiformis Marseul, 1876d: 333 {Serropalpus) A: JA minusculus Nomura, 1962b: 45 {Phloeotrya) A: JA TAI genus Serropalpus Hellenius, 1786: 310 type species Serropalpus striatus Hellenius, 1786 (= Mordella barbata Schaller, 1783) barbatus Schaller, 1783: 322, pi.

Costa, 1853: 5 {Emenadia) [HN] italica Bedel, 1895: 184 [RN] raffrayi Fairmaire, 1873a: 342 {Rhipiphorus) nasuta Thunberg, 1784: 66 {Mordella) A: CH JA NC SC TAI ORR discoidalisYic, 1950b: 8 ňvata/Kóno, 1936b: 88 obscuricolor Yic, 1912m: 69 semiobscura Pic, 1923c: 15 oberthurii Fairmaire, 1879c: 200 {Rhipiphorus) N: AG TU A: "Arabia" melanura Fairmaire, 1887e: 303 {Rhipiphorus) praeusta Gebler, 1829a: 133 [= 1830: 133] {Rhipiphorus) E: AR BU CR FR GR IT SP ST "Caucasus" N: AG A: IS KZ SY TM TR apicalis Küster, 1848a: 79 {Rhipiphorus) [HN] fulvipennis Küster, 1846b: 71 {Rhipiphorus) [HN] rufipennis Chevrolat, 1834: pi.

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