Cassell's Dictionary of Classical Mythology by Jenny March

By Jenny March

An award winner via knowledgeable on old Greek tradition! Gods and goddesses, personalities and locations, historical past and archeology: this interesting and beautifully authoritative paintings faucets into the richest veins of the classical world--its mythology. It covers all of the primary tales, characters (divine, human, and animal), sacred websites, and demanding occasions that formed earlier civilizations...and our personal. wide quotations from the unique resources and over a hundred illustrations liven up greater than four hundred articles.

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Either the two men were fighting like wild beasts; or they had on their shields the emblems of a lion (Polyneices) and a boar (Tydeus); or they were clad in the skins of those animals; or the creatures were symbols of their homelands, the lion standing for the lion-bodied Sphinx of Thebes and the boar for the Calydonian Boar. Whatever the reason, Adrastus remembered the oracle and married his daughters to the young men, Argeia to Polyneices and Deipyle to Tydeus. He then agreed to help his new sons-in-law to recover their lost kingdoms, and first of all Thebes.

S. ] Acis. The name of a river near Mount Etna on the island of Sicily, and its god. Acis began life as the son of FAUNUS and the river-nymph Symaethis. He became the lover of the sea-nymph Galatea, and it was she who turned him into a river when he was killed by his jealous rival POLYPHEMUS (2). Acoetes. When the young DIONYSUS was kidnapped by the crew of a Tyrrhenian pirate ship, the helmsman Acoetes sensed that he was no mere mortal and tried to defend him. Dionysus avenged himself on the rest of the crew by turning them into dolphins, but Acoetes was spared their fate and became an ardent follower of the god.

Orestes' murder of Aegisthus (unlike that of Clytemnestra) is a favourite subject in ancient art. Usually Aegisthus is shown sitting on a throne or a chair, sometimes with a lyre as though playing to himself, relaxed and unaware of any danger, when Orestes rushes in with his murderous sword. Sometimes Clytemnestra is shown, restrained by a servant, but swinging a double axe and doing her best to leap to her lover's defence. ' (Libation Bearers, 889). But never, in art or literature, is she able to save her lover.

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