Bodhicitta by Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Igor Legati, Adriano Clemente, Andy

By Chogyal Namkhai Norbu, Igor Legati, Adriano Clemente, Andy Lukianowicz

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Thi s is not a problem. The problem only arises i f w e d on ' t notice it, j f w e have n o presence, i f w e are n ' t even able t o keep our samaya that consists in the commitment to seek continuity of presence. " If there is this recognition then there can al so be purification. " You see, this means making the capital "1" gigantic and becoming ever more twisted and selfish. If i nstead we open, it becomes easier to co-operate w i th others, and training in this way day by day life gets s i mpler and Bodhicitta becomes something concrete.

Often Community practitioners argue among themselves, but they don't pay any attention to this because they are used to living in the soc i al condition in which one discriminates between friends and enemies. 1 practitioners there is a spiritual relationship that is destined to last until total realization. So those practitioners who argue and insult each other create m any hindrances 33 and negati v i ties and also ruin the B odhicitta vow. In fact, if I really have the courage to act for t he good of a l l beings I must start w i th those nearest me.

It i s e n e r g y uninterruptedly. Compassion is part o f lrus energy that arises emptiness. So. these two aspects are naturally present together. are not a mental construction. When you are in this condition you discover that everything has the same taste. The greatest help we can give others comes after having attained absolute B odhicitta. but this does not mean we have to wait until we have attained it. If I see someone falling down in the road because he is very weak and hasn ' t got any food J can help him get up and offer him a plate of food, but when 1 go away that person is back where he started.

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