Blueprint for Project Recovery--A Project Management Guide: by Ronald B. Cagle

By Ronald B. Cagle

This helpful booklet offers venture managers a approach for comparing and solving initiatives that experience long gone off track. in accordance with years of analysis, this useful trouble-shooting advisor is jam-packed with ready-to-use instruments readers can use to treatment (and stay away from) all their venture problems.

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If drop shipping is involved, you must have absolute control over shipping and receiving of the product. See 11b (NO). Notes 1. Usually not for an FFP contract. 2. , a catalog item). 1 General Checking technical performance is fundamental to a smooth-running project. The best time to accomplish this task, of course, is when you are planning the project; however, you can check your project performance at any time by using the checklist provided here. 2 Technical Performance Checklist Table 3-1 is the Technical Performance Checklist.

The Technical Recovery Checklist is presented in Chapter 5 of this book. , have been defined and accommodated 45 53 DESIGN REVIEWS 53a All Design Reviews were completed according to required processes Explain Yes Yes 45 53b The customer approved each Design Review 54 IN-PROCESS REVIEWS 45 54a All required In-Process Reviews were conducted according to required processes 45 54b Each In-Process Review was approved by the appropriate authority 46 55 PROTOTYPES Explain Explain 55a The prototypes reflect the requirements 46 55b Prototypes were constructed incrementally 47 55c Prototype changes were incorporated into the design using the Change Control Process 47 55d Each prototype change was reviewed and accepted by the originator of the requirements 47 Yes Yes (continues) BLUEPRINT FOR PROJECT RECOVERY 40 Ta b l e 3 - 1 — ( C o n t i n u e d ) 56 SUBCONTRACTS Explain 56a The sum of all subcontracts reflects all tasks allocated 48 56b Each subcontract contains all tasks allocated 48 57 PURCHASE ORDERS 57a The sum of all Purchase Orders reflects all purchases to be made Explain 57b Each Purchase Order is complete PRODUCTION/MANUFACTURING 58a All production/manufacturing processes are traceable to standard, customer, or enterprise processes 49 58b The line(s) were properly designed and set up for this (these) product(s) 50 49 Explain 58c Shop orders were correct and thorough 50 58d The materials were proper for the processes and the product(s) and do meet the requirements 50 59 UNIT TEST 59a Each Unit Test correctly reflects the requirement 51 59b Each design element that applies to the routine/module/subsystem has its own test case 51 59c Unit Test findings were reviewed for completeness and forwarded to be incorporated into Subsystem Tests and the System Test 51 59d All Problem Test Reports (PTRs) were captured, dispositioned (allocated for action), and worked off 52 60 SYSTEM TEST The System Test Plan/Procedure was approved by the customer Explain Explain 60b The System Test is traceable to the requirements 52 The System Test tested all elements of the system concurrently 52 60d The System Test was performed under appropriate load(s) 53 60e The System Test was performed using the same kind of personnel that will be used by the customer 53 60f The System Test was properly documented and incorporated the test results of all prior-level tests 53 61 CONFIGURATION MANAGEMENT 61a The Configuration Management Plan (CMP) is thorough, complete, and authorized 53 61b Change requests were presented and approved by an appropriate level of the Review Board 54 61c Version controls are in place and are reflected on (in) the product 54 62 SYSTEM EFFECTIVENESS FACTORS All required System Effectiveness Factors have been appropriately considered Yes Yes Yes 52 60c 62a Yes 48 58 60a Yes Explain Explain 54 Yes Yes CHECKING TECHNICAL PERFORMANCE 41 Starting at 51a, read each assertion in the table.

5d The subcontracts are properly monitored. The subcontract is properly monitored when the work being performed is being monitored by lead technical and project personnel using accepted monitoring techniques such as: ❒ Subcontract Progress Reviews—Subcontractor presents technical progress, budget status, schedule status, deliverables status, and data status ❒ Subcontractor Meetings—Special, single subject meetings as required ❒ Technical Interchange Meetings (TIMs)—Informal reviews of technical subjects ❒ Design Reviews—Formal reviews of designs.

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