Biochemical Mechanisms of Paraquat Toxicity by Anne Pomeroy Autor

By Anne Pomeroy Autor

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Crit. M. A. Med. J. 3, 462 (1970). (Roy. Rev. Paraquat toxicity. Tox. Brit. THE PATHOLOGY OF THE LUNG 11. S. and Corrin, B. Experimental paraquat poisoning: A histological and electron-optical study of the changes in the lung. J. Path. 103, 123 (1971). Discussion CROSS: I would like to question you further on the proposed monocyte origin of these profibroblasts in the alveoli. Do histochemical staining techniques such as, for example, specific tests for esterases support this very interesting and seemingly speculative hypothesis?

However, for many practical reasons it is both more convenient, and equally useful, to employ data for corresponding polarographic half-wave reduction potentials (E^) . 30 ANTHONY LEDWITH Polarographic half-wave potentials for paraquat in aqueous solution were first established by Elofsen and Edsberg (4) by the usual reduction processes at a dropping mercury electrode. More recently we have employed the same procedure to evaluate the effect of organic solvents on values of E^ for paraquat and diquat (26).

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