Bilderbuch by Günter Wallraff

By Günter Wallraff

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Fw 190 A-6, A-6/R1. Flugzeug-Handbuch. Teiil 9 B – Elektrisches Bordnetz. Heft 2: Schaltunterlagen Ungepruft Часть: 9 B 2

Самолет Fw a hundred ninety A-6, A-6/R1. Руководство. Часть nine B2.

Die deutsche Kriegsmarine : 1935-1945 / 4

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Zeithaml, V. , A. Parasuraman and L. L. " Journal of Marketing, 49 (2), 3345. ” How employee vocal attractiveness affects customer’s evaluation of the voice-tovoice service encounter Silke Bartsch 1 Abstract and Introduction Although drivers of service quality and satisfaction in a service encounter setting have been analyzed extensively, most studies focus on a face-to-face encounter situation. Since customers in voice-to-voice encounters do not have any visual information they can rely on, the authors aim to examine the impact of a call centre employee’s vocal attractiveness on customer’s pre- and postencounter attribution and evaluation.

E. and M. " Evolving marketing thought for 1980. Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Southern Marketing Association, Carbondale, IL, 112-114. Burdon, S. and A. " European Management Journal, 23 (5), 576-582. Campbell, D. T. " The American Journal of Sociology, 60 (4), 339-341. Crosby, L. , K. A. Evans and D. " Journal of Marketing, 54 (3), 68-81. Day, G. S. (2004): "Achieving Advantage with a New Dominant Logic for Marketing", Journal of Marketing, 68 (January), 18-19. DeSarbo, W. , R. Grewal and J.

L. (1985): Problems and Strategies in Services Marketing, in: Journal of Marketing, Vol. 49 (2), pp. 3346. Customer confusion in Service-to-Business Markets – Foundations and First Empirical Results Jan Lakotta The author would like to thank the Chamber of Commerce IHK Berlin, especially Marion Haß and Katrin Safarik for their valuable support. 1 Introduction Service-to-business (S2B) markets are growing consistently and have consequently received increased attention both in research and practice (Wynstra, Axelsson, and van der Valk, 2006; Burdon and Bhalla, 2005).

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