Bewegungs-, Längen- und Umfangmessungen - by Rolf Meinecke

By Rolf Meinecke

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30 POSSIBLE REASONS FOR FAILURE The diagnose is incorrect. If your kidneys are wrongly diagnosed as diseased and your main disease is of another organ, you can make a whole treatment course, stimulating the zones of the kidneys, and your complaints won't reduce. The selection of the stimulation method is not correct. For example, only a massage stimulation is not sufficient with a more serious disease. You haven't stimulated the pain point efficiently and you haven't created a healing impulse, powerful and long enough.

The Zu San Li, He Gu, Nei Guan and San Yin Jiao points are considered one of the most important in the traditional acupuncture. They have a powerful strengthening and healing effect. Their periodical warming up with moxa regulates the deviations in the energy system of the organism, before they have intensified, and keeps you in a good health. Here are some of the most distinguishing features of these points in detail, which can show you their wide spectrum of application Zu San Li (E-36): a general strengthening point, with proved effect against brain insults, heart diseases, a main point for regulating the blood pressure (by severe forms of hypertension in some eastern countries cauterization of Zu San Li, till a blister appears, is still used today), all gastric and intestinal diseases, aches in legs and waist, diseases of the eyes, nervous system, urino-genital system, asthenia, allergic conditions, diseases of the respiratory organs, general weakness, it increases the energy in all meridians and regulates the deviations in the energy condition of the organism, it is effective by aches in the lower half of the body.

Basic measures for location of the acupoints. When you use traditional acupuncture prescriptions don't forget the following: If you've located the place of the acupoint correctly, by strong vertical pressure with the thumb's tip or with the thicker end of the diagnostic probe you must experience "the expected sensations" - pain, tingle, twitch etc. Be sure to do this check. Stimulate the acupoints with moxa for 10-12 minutes. If you clearly feel that a longer heat treatment will have a positive effect on you, you may prolong it up to 20 minutes.

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