Beauty Is the Beast: Appearance Impaired Children in America by Ann Hill Beuf

By Ann Hill Beuf

Examines the stigmatism of youngsters who deviate from applicable American criteria for actual visual appeal. Beuf analyzes either the consequences of this stigmatization on kids and the concepts used to deal with it.

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How concerned with ap- Page 23 pearance are its people? What are the standards of beauty and deviance? How are the unbeautiful treated? We might think of this as the "social backdrop" to all the other factors we must consider. A child with facial deformity in a society which pays much attention to spiritual matters will have an advantage over one with the same disorder in a society preoccupied with beauty. Similarly, children who live in a society with ample and free medical technology to correct their impaired appearance surgically may fare better than in a less advantaged system or one in which access to medical care is determined by material wealth.

Of course, a few exceptional people are able to be aware of social stigmatization and to reject it totally. The different degrees of patients' acceptance of stigmatized identities is discussed in Chapter Four. As we shall see, the victim's ability to resist personal devaluation and damaged self concept depends on a variety of factors. In general, however, social stigmatization has negative consequences for its victims. 55 It can do this in several ways: by reducing the person's social acceptability, by blocking the person's important social and economic opportunities, and by diminishing the person's overall life chances.

Would a beautiful Eleanor Roosevelt have wanted to escape? Would a beautiful Eleanor Roosevelt have had the same need to be, to do? HELEN GAHAGAN DOUGLAS, The Eleanor Roosevelt We Remember On Monday, March 1, 1988, an American sixth-grade student walked into his elementary school classroom and shot himself. He did this because his classmates had teased him about being overweight. When I read this child's story, I was deeply saddened but not surprised. Nearly twenty years of working with children who are, in one way or another, socially stigmatized had convinced me that there is a terrible psychological price to pay for having an "unacceptable" physical appearance in our society.

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