Barbie Culture by Mary F. Rogers

By Mary F. Rogers

This booklet makes use of the most renowned components of youth, the Barbie doll, to give an explanation for key features of cultural meaning.

Some readings may see Barbie as reproducing ethnicity and gender in a very coarse and destructive means - a cultural icon of racism and sexism. Rogers develops a broader, tougher photograph. She indicates how the cultural which means of Barbie is extra ambiguous than the slim, appearance-dominated version that's attributed to the doll. For a begin, Barbie's sexual id isn't really straight forward. equally her type state of affairs is ambiguous. yet all interpretations agree that, together with her huge, immense diversity of way of life `accessories', Barbie exists to devour. Her physique is the correct metaphor of recent occasions: plastic, st

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The ones who probably hurt me were my parents and advertisements in magazines and on TV, who and which teach nothing but self­ loathing for one's weight, height, hair, and eye color. Teeth are still my favorite things to judge people by. Barbie never had any teeth, although she always had teeth marks all over. Sisters and brothers, loathing and ambivalence, family and mass media, absolutes and uncertainties, then and now, bodies and consciousness: the list of lived associations goes on and on. Like other icons, Barbie takes her place amidst all the cultural baggage and all the social relations whereby we each make our way in the world.

Along these lines Barbie and Brown's "single girl" join hands with the feminine­ mystique crowd. " What's the sense of being single and child­ free if you can't have a lot of things and live a little? What's the Copyrighted Material 40 Barbie culture sense of disciplining one's body and managing one's appear­ ance along mainstream feminine lines if one can't enjoy the heady pleasures of male privilege in material as well as social ways? Barbie's acquisitiveness gets attention in Chapter 3. For now, let us note how her possessions reflect the pay scale for men, not women, and how her lifestyle bespeaks more male privilege than female subordination.

L As they get heterosexualized, then, girls and young women face pressures to give boys and dating a lot of priority. In tum, they pay increasing attention to the size and shape of their bodies, the range and contents of their wardrobes, the styling of their hair, and the making up of their faces. Barbie epitomizes, even exaggerates, these feminine mandates. She gives girls endless opportunities to costume her, brush and style her hair, and position her in settings like aerobics class, a school dance, or the shopping mall.

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