Authentic Recipes from Japan by Takayuki Kosaki, Walter Wagner

By Takayuki Kosaki, Walter Wagner

The essence of Japan is captured during this number of recipes starting from crucial shares, sauces and pickles, to rustic one-pot dishes resembling soba noodles and stylish and unique shows. This attention-grabbing booklet of recipes, amassed and photographed in Japan, additionally explains the proper use of components and how jap foodstuff are often established and presented.

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Uncovered, drain and chill 1n cold water Drain aga1n and refngerate Simmer the Cold Soba Dash1 Broth (page 23) over med1um-h1gh heat for 10 minutes and set as1de 2 To cook the S1mmered Shutake Mushrooms. comb1ne all the 1ngred1ents 1n a saucepan and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat and s1mmer for 10 minutes and set as1de to cool Dra1n and slice the mushroom caps very finely 3 Prepare the tempura batter by m1xmg the egg yolk, 1ce water and cornstarch 1n a bowl and sllr bnskly The batter should be slightly lumpy Heat the oil 1n a fry1ng pan until very hot Comb1ne and m1x the tempura vegetables 1n a bowl.

Roll the mat once over the mgred1ents, press1ng the 1ngred1ents 1n to keep the roll ftrm Lift the mat and complete the roll, press1ng the mat firmly all around Unroll the mat, and use your f1nger to ensure that the roll IS sealed Roll the sush1 nee agam, us1ng f1ngers to press the roll 1nto a c1rcle Remove and slice each roll 1n half, and cut each half tnto four p1eces. Repeat w1th the remaining fillings to make another three rolls. Serve with the pickled ginger and Sashim1 Soy D1p on the s1de.

Sllrnng constantly Take care not to burn the seeds as th1s would them taste b1tter Grind, us1ng a mortar and pestle or a spice gnnder, to a coarse, grainy paste. Add the sugar and dash1 stock to smoothen the m1xture into a creamy paste 3 Just before seNing, slice the rolled sp1nach 1nto short sect1ons Wrap the nori stnp around the sp1nach like a belt and top each bundle w1th a little sesame sauce and sprinkle with the shredded non Serves 4 Preparat1on t1me 10 m1ns Seaweed and Cucumber Salad Cooking 11me 10 m1ns Mozuku The chewy texture of mozuku, a hair-like seaweed, combined with the rather viscous yamato potato garnish makes an unusual appet1zer Substitute yamato potato w1th slices or finely grated hard-boiled eggs Th1s rec1pe also works really well with the eas1ly available wakame seaweed and sliced cucumber 200 g (7 oz) drained water-packed mozuku seaweed, or 5 tablespoons dried mozuku seaweed 2 tablespoons peeled and finely grated yamato potato, 4 hard-boiled quail eggs, or 1 hard-boiled egg, sliced 1 cup (250 ml) Tosa Vinegar (page 24) 2 teaspoons very finely grated young ginger 4 sprigs kinome, watercress or parsley Gold powder, to garnish (optional) 1 If using the dried and salted seaweed, soak the seaweed 1n water for 1 hr to remove salt.

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