Atlas of the Newborn, Volume 1 - Volume5 by Arnold Rudolph MD

By Arnold Rudolph MD

Colour atlas of neonatology. quantity one among a 5 quantity set masking a whole variety of dermatologic, cardiac, pulmonary, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, neurologic, and musculoskeletal issues, genetics, and syndromes.

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His organs are large, he may have congestive failure and his amniotic fluid is increased. 18. These monozygotic twins at birth represent another example of twin transfusion syndrome. The birth weight of the twin on the left was 3000 g with a central hematocrit of 86%. The birth weight of the twin on the right was 2230 g with a central hematocrit of 27%. Twin transfusion syndrome occurs only in monochorionic twins. It occurs in 15 to 30% of monochorionic pregnancies and is defined in terms of a difference of greater than 250 g birth weight and/or 20% difference in the central hematocrit between the twins.

These are always dizygotic. 5. This low-power histologic section demonstrates that an amnion can be identified on each side of two choria. Thus, this is an example of a dichorionic-diamnionic placenta. This type of dividing membranes is typically seen in all dizygotic twinning and in about 20 to 25% of monozygotic twinning. 6. The fetal surface of this fused, twin placenta shows the dividing membranes. In this placenta, histologic examination showed that there were two amnia and a single chorion (diamnionic-monochorionic).

67. Another example of discordant twins. The twin on the left is an albino and the twin on the right is normal. This is the second set of discordant twins (one albino and one normal) born to this mother. Chapter 3 Effects of Maternal Medication During pregnancy, the average fetus is exposed to four physician-prescribed and five self-prescribed drugs. Every drug administered or taken by a pregnant woman presents the mother with both risks and benefits. The risks include the drug’s potential as a teratogen or as a cause of toxicity in the fetus.

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