Aquinas, Ethics, and Philosophy of Religion: Metaphysics and by Thomas Hibbs

By Thomas Hibbs

In Aquinas, Ethics, and Philosophy of faith, Thomas Hibbs recovers the inspiration of perform to enhance a extra descriptive account of human motion and realizing, grounded within the venerable vocabulary of advantage and vice. Drawing on Aquinas, who believed that each one solid works originate from advantage, Hibbs postulates how epistemology, ethics, metaphysics, and theology mix right into a set of up to date philosophical practices that stay open to metaphysics. Hibbs brings Aquinas into dialog with analytic and Continental philosophy and indicates how a extra nuanced appreciation of his suggestion enriches modern debates. This publication deals readers a brand new appreciation of Aquinas and articulates a metaphysics integrally regarding moral practice.

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Metaphysics thus begins and ends in wonder, an avowal of human ignorance about the highest things. In that sense, the quest for foundations remains unfulfilled. In his engagement of philosophy, Aquinas highlights both the achievements and limitations of philosophical discourse about the highest things; in fact, the limitations are most evident and most deeply felt precisely at the moment of its greatest achievement, knowledge of God. For Aquinas, this presents the possibility of a theological engagement of Aristotle, since philosophy is aware of that which exceeds its comprehension; indeed, the very telos of its inquiry escapes its grasp.

Thus do the wise take on a public role of proclamation and instruction unknown to Aristotle. ’’43 Aquinas advocates a public role for the teacher of wisdom, a Roman unity of sapientia et eloquentia. But both Roman and Greek models undergo decisive alteration in the context of Christian revelation. The human pursuit of wisdom, an aspiration for a kind of autonomous possession of wisdom that ascends in words and thoughts to the first cause and ultimate good, is subject to a dramatic reversal. The Word through whom the whole is made abides as Exemplar of the entire created universe, which is now understood as a series of signs and images pointing beyond itself to its source.

46 12 two Virtue and Practice Over the last thirty years, perhaps the most striking alteration in the landscape of Anglo-American philosophy has occurred in the field of ethics, where the ethics of virtue or character is now taken as seriously as Kantian and utilitarian ethics. Just as there are divisions and branches within those fields of ethics, so too there is an array of different versions in virtue ethics. Indeed, it is difficult to say exactly what virtue ethics is. The problem is not simply the wide variety of positions now located under the generic title virtue ethics; rather, it has to do with the way many of those who work on the topic of virtue gloss over the question of what precisely distinguishes virtue ethics from its rivals.

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