Approximations for digital computers, by Cecil H. Hastings

By Cecil H. Hastings

The description for this publication, Approximations for electronic desktops, may be forthcoming.

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The fifth law declares, as we already mentioned, that the actual ordering of elementary beta binders within a composite binder is irrelevant. – The last law states that the subject of elementary beta binders is a placeholder that can be changed at any time under the proviso that name clashes are avoided and well-formedness of beta binder is preserved. The reduction relation, −→, is the smallest relation over bio-processes obtained by applying the axioms and rules in Table 2. The reduction relation describes the evolution within boxes (intra), as well as the interaction between boxes (inter), the dynamics of box interfaces (expose, hide, unhide), and the structural modification of boxes (join, split).

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In addition, device and components must logically map to their biological counterparts. Spatial heterogeneity is a quintessential characteristic of organisms at each organizational level. So, it is essential that device components be capable of representing that heterogeneity at different levels of resolution as required by the problem. A. Hunt et al. by probabilistic events. So, our biomimetic devices are exclusively event driven and most events can be probabilistic. These properties are deemed essential in part because they are expected to make this new technology easily accessible and useful to a majority of biomedical researchers.

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