Antigravity: The Dream Made Reality by J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

By J. A. Thomas, Jason Thomas

Account of the lifestyles and innovations of John R. R. Searl, who has built antigravity and unfastened strength units. Illustrated with photographs & diagrams.

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I don't know. You tend to be the fool. Well! The thing was that when it took off... When we lost six such machines... " If it wants to fly, give it a body. Then you see we can control it! Page 50 Chapter 4 BASED ON NEWSLETTER DATED JUNE 1,1968 Corrected for accuracy of information. By 1952 the first generator had been constructed. It was tested in the open by Searl and a friend. The armature was set in motion by a small diesel generator to induce a starting field. The device produced the expected electrical power, but at an unexpectedly high potential.

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