Antarctic Ascidiacea by Patricia Kott, Illustrated by Drawings and Photos

By Patricia Kott, Illustrated by Drawings and Photos

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Published by means of the yankee Geophysical Union as a part of the Antarctic learn Series.

Chapter 1 creation (pages 1–2):
Chapter 2 earlier Expeditions (pages 3–4):
Chapter three type (pages 5–10):
Chapter four Species checklist (pages 11–12):
Chapter five Station Lists (pages 13–22):
Chapter 6 Systematic dialogue (pages 23–171):
Chapter 7 habit (pages 173–177):
Chapter eight Phylogeny (pages 179–192):
Chapter nine Zoogeographic dialogue (pages 193–208):
Chapter 10 References (pages 211–221):

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Caullery. 1909, p. 35. 38. Sycozoa gaimardi; Hartmejer. 1909-1911, p. 1438; 1911. p. -Van Name. 1945. p. 150. Colella racovitzai Van Beneden and Selj s Longchamps, 1913. p. 50. New Records. None. Previous Records. Antarctic: None. Subantarctic: Falkland Is. [ Herdman, 18861 ; Tierra del Fuego, Strait of Magellan [Michaelsen, 1907; Van Beneden and Selys Longchamps. 19131. Distribution. The knoan distribution of this species is limited to a small region of the subantarctic region, where it is found g r o ~ i n gon the giant kelp, Macrocystis, or on red algae from the shore down to 20 meters.

3 Except for the single small specimen described beAtrial aperture with a simple or modified siphon; not low, this subfamily is not represented in Antarctica, with 4 rows of stigmata . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2 although numerous species have been taken from 2. 3 rows of stigmata present . . . . . Atapozoa southern Australia, South Africa, and Nem Zealand Stigmata absent . . . . . . "Protoholozoa, p. 35 IKott, 1957; Millar, 1960; 1962; Nlichaelsen, 19241. 3.

And a short fleshy stalk must also fall within the range of variation of S. sigillinoides. ~ r n b a c k[19501 believes S. ramulosa (Herdman) to be a distinct species. The distinction of the number of larvae in the brood pouch is, however, unsatisfactory [Millar, 1960; Kott, 1954; Van Name, 19451, and the species must be regarded as synonymous with S. sigillinoides. 28 ANTARCTIC ASCIDIACEA Sycozon georgiana (Michaelsen) Text figs. 6. 7 Colella concreta; Pfeffer. 1889, p. 4 (40) [not Herdman, 18861.

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