Analyzing Delayed-Fission Gamma Yields [pres. slides]

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NOTE Rep/ace the shim removed with an­ other one of the appropriate size to restore the correct valve clearance. Carry out the same operation for the other shim for the pair of valves be­ ing adjusted. E CHECK EXHAUST GAS EMISSIOSN (petrol engines) The electronic injection/ignition systems used are capableof automatically controlling the advance, the carbon monoxide (CO) content and the idle air flow rate, therefore no manual adjustment operations are required. However, a check on the content of the exhaust gases downstream of the catalyzer can pro­ vide useful indications on the injection/ignition system operating conditions and the engine and cat­ alyzer parameters.

Loosen the bolts fixing the damper fly­ wheel, then rotate the latter until the refer­ ence on it coincides with the reference on the shield underneath. Then, remove the damper flywheel. 4. Remove the lower timing belt lower shield. 20 Print no. 670/09 Bravo-Brava Introduction Planned maintenance oo. 1. Loosen the automatic tensioner bolt, re­ leasing the belt tension, then remove it. Fitting timing drive belt 2. After having removed the tappet cover, loosen the bolt fixing the camshaft drive pulley using spanner 1860831000; fit the toothed belt on the crankshaft gear and remove the two bolts illustrated fixing the oil pump to the crankcase.

The fluid level should checked with the en­ gine cold and it should not be below the MIN level on the tank. If the level is too low, slowly pour a mixture of 50% distilled water and Fiat Lubrificanti Paraflu 11 through the filler. 137012v-1581 16v NOTE The addition of "Paraflu Formula Europa" to Paraflu 11 used originally means that it is not possible to check the efficiency of the anti-freeze us­ ing the regular test equipment. "Paraflu Formula Europa" is already mixed which means that water does not have to be added.

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