Analysis of inventory systems by H. G. Hadley, T. M. Whitin

By H. G. Hadley, T. M. Whitin

Mathematical types of stock platforms

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Arge stars in the middle represent the girdle of the constellation Orion. Just below we see Oriris, foiiowed by the great goddess Isis, both on boats. Isis was connected with Sirius, and Osiris with Orion. The text on the right gives the names of the decans and related gods. Photo Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Egyptian Expedition. Plate 5. ). Below one sees the decans. In their middle Isis and Osiris on a boat Photo Metropolitan Museum of Arts, Egyptian Expedition. w N '"1:1 >-1 0 ><: tt1 z>-1 tt1 >-< > z z (") >-< ><: 0 ~ z 0 >-1 :>;I > V> Plate 6.

The points S and T lie on the ecliptic 180° apart, so that there are exactly 18 points R between them. These 18 points and the simultaneously rising decan stars therefore rise one after another in the course of the night. We should thus expect not 12, but 18 rows. So far, however, wehavenot taken into consideration the periods of dawn and dusk. At these times only the very brightest stars in the neighbourhood of the horizon are visible. To make the Egyptian schemafit exactly, 3 decans bothat the beginning and at the end of the night must be left out.

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