An Introduction to Sustainable Development: 3rd edition by Elliott

By Elliott

This 3rd variation of a winning, proven textual content offers a concise and well-illustrated advent to the tips at the back of, and the practices flowing from the inspiration of sustainable improvement.

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The neo-liberal 1990s In the North, disillusionment with the record of state involvement in the economy (and social life more broadly) also mounted from the late 1980s. This was illustrated in the ascendancy of conservative governments and the politics of Reagan and Thatcher in the US and UK, for example. A belief in what Simon (2002: 87) terms the ‘magic of the market’ developed and neo-liberal ideas of development took hold. Neo-liberalism is essentially an approach to development that considers the free market to be the best way to initiate and sustain economic development.

The combination of actual changes in the environment and people’s perceptions generally at this time brought widespread public support for the environmental movement, particularly amongst the younger groups. As Biswas and Biswas (1985) suggest, ‘the environment and Vietnam became two of the major issues over which youth rebelled against the establishment’ (p. 25). For the new environmentalists, it was not solely their local outdoor environments which were perceived to be under threat, but human survival itself.

For example, there is a persistent and fundamental divergence between ‘reformist/technocentric’ and ‘radical/ecocentric’ environmentalism which is the source of much contemporary debate within sustainable development. Box B 30 • What is sustainable development? Box B Modes of thought concerning humanity and nature It is argued that society’s desire to manipulate nature, concomitant with an acceptance that the Earth nurtures our own existence, is inherent in the human condition. ‘Technocentric’ and ‘ecocentric’ refer to the two extreme positions.

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