An introduction to heat & cold as therapy by Laurel Fowlie

By Laurel Fowlie

Remedies utilizing purposes of warmth and chilly were round for millennia, yet there are few introductory point textbooks that the handbook therapist can belief to supply actual, present information regarding their use. An creation to warmth & chilly as treatment starts with a proof of the physiological results of sizzling, chilly and distinction remedies and the rationales for his or her utilization as healing modalities. It then presents common therapy directions, in addition to a dialogue of contraindications and cautions relating to temperature treatment remedy making plans. the rest of the publication is devoted to providing designated, totally illustrated descriptions of ways to make to be had a great number of temperature remedies in medical perform and as domestic care strategies. An creation to warmth & chilly as treatment meets the desires of scholars and practitioners alike

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The amount of subcutaneous fatty (adipose) tissue the recipient has affects the rate of temperature reduction when cold is applied, and of re-warming when it is removed. The adipose is not the target tissue, and its additional thickness can reduce the effectiveness of the cold treatment in addressing its target. Fatty tissue is a poor conductor of temperature, acting as an insulator and impairing cold’s ability to reach and affect the tissues below it. Similarly, structures with little or no adipose covering, like bony prominences, can be overchilled by prolonged cryotherapy.

In Chapter 6 we will be looking at conditions that involve contraindications to or require extensive adaptation of temperature therapy. In that chapter the conditions are discussed individually. As we are focused here on the use of cold, we will consider some general cautions for working with cryotherapy: Once you have decided that cryotherapy is appropriate, there are some specific reactions to watch for and avoid. Frostnip (skin becomes pale, numb, and/or tingly) is the first stage of frostbite, which is damage to the skin and underlying soft tissues that results from exposure to severe cold.

Cold can be applied over a cast, but it must be done in a way that prevents the cast from becoming wet. For example, the cast can be covered in an airtight plastic bag before the application is done. Superficial wounds must be treated with caution. While some symptoms of acute injuries can be effectively addressed with cold applications, care must be taken with any open wounds to maintain hygienic conditions and to avoid disrupting an early seal by wetting it. Individuals who are very young, very old, or immunocompromised must be monitored closely – cryotherapy treatments may need to be modified (using shorter, less extensive treatments) to accommodate body system fragility.

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