Algebraic theories by Wraith, Gavin

By Wraith, Gavin

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X satisfy the property: for every x E X , there is a neighbourhood U of x which meets only finitely many Mi 's, then (FA) holds with C = K . (Finite productivity in additive categories) Prove that in the category Modg, every closure operator is finitely productive. ) Extend this result to every additive category with finite products (and coproducts). J (Characterization of £-reflective subcategories) replete subcategory of X. K (a) (b) (c) Let Y be a full and For Y reflective in X one has that Y is 9-reflective if and only if Y is closed under M-subobjects in X.

Prove that the category Cat of small categories and functors is finitely M-complete but not M-complete for M= { full and faithful functors ). Describe the class E for which Cat has (E, M) factorizations. (Factorization of small sinks) Let X have right M-factorizations of morphisms and (small) coproducts. H I small (a set, not a proper class) has a right M-factorization. 8 the morphisms f, e, and u by sinks with the same indexing set, and the class E by a con- glomerate E of sinks. Let k : X -+ Y and mi : Mi -+ X (iEI) be (Change of universe) M-morphisms.

T. `{kEC/X : k>m}. (b) Under the assumptions of (a), show that C = Mc if and only if C is stable under multiple pullback. In this case, C is weakly hereditary if and only if C is closed under composition. (c) Show that C is hereditary if and only if for every m : M - X in M and every k : K - M in C there is I : L -+ X in C with k S5m-1(l) . C(b), under which conditions can you define a closure operator with dense subobjects in a given class V C M ? E For a partially ordered set (X , _<) we call a function c : X -+ X with m < c(m) and (m < m' .

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