Acoustic Velocity and Attenuation in Porous Rocks [short by K. Winkler, W. Murphy

By K. Winkler, W. Murphy

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He ends with some recent problem/solution examples of how web elements can trip up the automation. This United Kingdom–based project involved mainly commercial tools. , Project 2: Success! Ane Clausen tells of two experiences with test automation, the first one unsuccessful and the second one a solid success, largely due to what she learned from her first experience. Lessons are not always so well learned—which is a lesson in itself for everyone! Ane’s first story is told honestly and highlights the serious impact of insufficient management support and the importance of choosing the right area to automate.

Chapter 21, Automation through the Back Door (by Supporting Manual Testing) Seretta Gamba tells of the difficulties she and her team experienced in trying to progress automation, even though it had a good technical foundation. She shows how they addressed the real needs of the testers and provided support where testers needed it most, which was in manual testing. The really interesting twist is how they were able at the same time to harvest things that would progress the automation—win-win situations.

The automation was developed in increments of increasing functionality. , management was surprised when the testers found a lot of new bugs, even though “finding bugs” is what management expected of them). The team developed a good abstraction layer, interfacing through the hardware, and were even able to detect hardware issues such as the machines overheating. The results in the test logs were analyzed with inhouse tools. The reliability testing paid for itself with the first bug it prevented from being released—and, in all, 10 bugs were discovered.

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