A user's guide to spectral sequences by John McCleary

By John McCleary

Spectral sequences are one of the such a lot dependent and strong equipment of computation in arithmetic. This e-book describes probably the most vital examples of spectral sequences and a few in their so much wonderful purposes. the 1st half treats the algebraic foundations for this type of homological algebra, ranging from casual calculations. the guts of the textual content is an exposition of the classical examples from homotopy concept, with chapters at the Leray-Serre spectral series, the Eilenberg-Moore spectral series, the Adams spectral series, and, during this new version, the Bockstein spectral series. The final a part of the ebook treats purposes all through arithmetic, together with the speculation of knots and hyperlinks, algebraic geometry, differential geometry and algebra. this can be a great reference for college kids and researchers in geometry, topology, and algebra.

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P (E2∗,∗ , t) ≥ P (E3∗,∗ , t) ≥ · · · ≥ P (E∞ Furthermore, P (H ∗ , t) = P (Ei∗,∗ , t) for some finite i if and only if the spectral sequence collapses at the ith term. Finally, if we let χ(Er∗,∗ ) = P (Er∗,∗ , −1), whenever these expressions are meaningful, then χ(Er∗,∗ ) = χ(H ∗ ), for all r ≥ 2. For the sake of accounting, let dp,q denote the ith differential, i p,q dp,q −→ Eip+i,q−i+1 . i : Ei Let n be a fixed natural number and p + q = n. From elementary linear alp,q p−i,q+i−1 ) = dimk (ker dp,q ).

Thus H ∗ ∼ = A∗ and furthermore, j ∗ ∼ ¯j ∗ F H = F A for all j. Since both filtrations are stable, no product in H ∗ can vanish unless it does so in A∗ . Since A∗ is free graded commutative and ∗,∗ ), so is H ∗ . isomorphic to total(E∞ 26 1. An Informal Introduction This chapter has introduced the reader to some of the formal features of computations with spectral sequences. Chapter 2 focuses on the general algebraic foundations that give rise to spectral sequences and (finally) some classical examples that arise in purely algebraic settings.

Now im(j ◦ k) = j(im k) = j(ker i). Also ker(j ◦ k) = k −1 (ker j) = k −1 (im i). So −1 p+2,∗ → Dp+1,∗ ) E2p,∗ = k (im i : D j(ker i : Dp,∗ → Dp−1,∗ ). 2. How does a spectral sequence arise? 41 By induction, since i(r) , j (r) , and k (r) are induced by i, j, and k with the appropriate images in D(r) = im ir−1 , we obtain the Er -term as described. It p,∗ p,∗ and Brp,∗ ⊂ Br+1 where the inclusions follow by is clear that Zrp,∗ ⊂ Zr−1 composition with another factor of the mapping i. We leave it to the reader to check that the differential dr : Zr−1 /Br−1 → Br /Br−1 ⊂ Zr−1 /Br−1 is induced on our representation by j ◦ k with the proper kernel.

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