A Postcolonial African American Re-reading of Colossians: by A. Tinsley

By A. Tinsley

Written from an African American standpoint, this paintings depicts the presentation of the gospel message to the first-century group of Colossae, their reception of it comparative to the presentation and reception of a similar to the enslaved Africans of North the United States rather within the eighteenth and the 19th centuries.

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J e ws 33 Using Col. 1–3 circumcision and the regulations for the body as imposed by the “elements of the world” were being replaced by baptism. 14). ”41 Here again Gunther suggests that the Jewish laws and traditions were being replaced by Christianity. ” The letter to the Colossians had rendered Judaic practices outdated; updated through Christian teachings. The practices were not nullified, but simply adjusted so that Gentiles could be included. Perhaps these assertions were hard for the Jews in that community to accept.

Severity to the body . . 26 Hence, freedom from the body through abstinence of certain foods and bodily gratifications fostered communication with the spiritual world. The writer is either warning them against this type of ascetic practice mentioned or that the believers should not take things too far. ” As W. L. ”27 These heavenly visions considered special revealed laws that elevated the individual, giving them reason to boast and heaping judgment on those who did not believe in or accept them.

20 (cf. 2 Cor. 19). 20 Maier fails to see the difference between reconciliation in the human and the cosmic domains or diplomatic celebrations 46 Af ri c a n A m e r i can R e - r e ad i n g of Co l o s s i a ns from ancient religion. Schweizer does and fails to emphasize the essential facts that point to Roman imperial order and neglects important confirmation celebrating the Roman imperial order as a public agreement imaging “heavenly peace” found in the Colossians letter. 20–23 connecting the preceding verses as unified civic applications which resound throughout the rest of the letter.

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