A Master of Science History: Essays in Honor of Charles by Jed Z. Buchwald

By Jed Z. Buchwald

New essays in technological know-how background ranging around the complete box and comparable in such a lot example to the works of Charles Gillispie, one of many field's founders.

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The slight disappointment has to do with history. C. Gillispie economics, religion, diplomacy, or warfare. Science after all has been a factor shaping history no less powerfully than have those other sectors. That has not happened. A few departments of history—Princeton’s among them—do offer undergraduate and graduate work in the field. But at many, and perhaps most institutions, the subject is taught, if at all, in a separate department or under the aegis of a science and technology studies program.

The disappointment taught me that there was little prospect of recruiting historians of science among graduate students who already knew what they intended to do and that any contribution I might make to graduate education would have to be among people who came to Princeton for that purpose,’’ in ‘‘Apologia pro Vita Sua,’’ S89. 11 Rather, Charles credited the classicist and philosopher (and new Chair of the philosophy department), Gregory Vlastos with helping in the formation of the program. 12 ‘‘Apologia pro Vita Sua,’’ S90.

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