A Field Guide to the Tiger Beetles of the United States and by David L. Pearson, C. Barry Knisley, Charles J. Kazilek

By David L. Pearson, C. Barry Knisley, Charles J. Kazilek

This colour illustrated box and normal heritage advisor treats all 107 identified tiger beetle species present in North the USA above the Mexican border. Tiger beetles are one of the most generally stumbled on and well known households of bugs around the globe. permitting beginner naturalists and execs to exploit id methods--comparison of coloured photos to stay or fixed specimens, and use of illustrated dichotomous keys--full organic money owed emphasize issues for identity, behaviors, and habitats. Distribution maps exhibit the place a number of species and subspecies are available. The authors advertise a brand new and fascinating task of insect observing in its place or complement to gathering (the basic feeling between "butterfliers" and dragonfly and damselfly enthusiasts). speaking basically in the course of the un-refereed magazine Cincindela, (Tiger Beetler) experts themselves favor the time period, "cicindelophiles." They signify an ardent sublet of the transforming into variety of severe beginner naturalists who put money into open air actions looking and deciding on birds, butterflies, dragonflies, flowering crops, and diverse different kinds of lifestyles.

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4 Top view of thorax and head of Lustrous Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (O. submetallicus) showing unique black hairs along sides of pronotum. submetallicus) California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (O. californicus) 4 Audouin’s Night-stalking Tiger Beetle (O. audouini) Mount Ashland Nightstalking Tiger Beetle (O. 5 A, top of thorax with forward corners slightly turned down (California Night-stalking Tiger Beetle, O. californicus); B, forward corners turned distinctly down (Audouin’s Night-stalking Tiger Beetle, O.

Decemnotata) 77a Maculations absent except for small rear one at tip of elytra; restricted to southeastern New Mexico and far west Texas Big Sand Tiger Beetle subspecies (C. formosa rutilovirescens) 77b Maculations apparent; not present in New Mexico or far west Texas 78 78a Head and pronotum much differently colored than elytra 79 78b Head, pronotum, and elytra similarly colored (although there may be contrasting colors running along outer edge of elytra) 80 79a Head and pronotum copper, elytra blue-green or green Cow Path Tiger Beetle (C.

8A,C) 9 8b Labrum with 6 setae (fig. 8E) 10 9a Sides of underparts of thorax and abdomen sparsely covered with flattened setae; pronotum with some setae; northern Florida to New York (fig. 8B) 9b No setae on underparts of abdomen or on pronotum; restricted to Polk and Highlands counties in central Florida (fig. 8D) Highlands Tiger Beetle (C. highlandensis) Elytral surface with deep pits (fig. 8F) and shiny surface; many setae on sides of abdomen and thorax; small (< 9 mm); restricted to Florida Peninsula Scabrous Tiger Beetle (C.

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